Paddler's Equipment & Checklist




Checklists are a good habit to get into when you prepare for an outing. We all want to have FUN on paddling trips.


The Essentials

These items are important for paddling on a day trip or for several days.


1 Rain gear

2 Light jacket

3 Water bottle and water

4 Sunblock

5 Brimmed hat and sunglasses and bring croakies

6 Complete extra set of clothes in waterproof bag

7 Life Vest (PFD) for each paddler - wear at all times

8 Tie-in your dry bag

9 Dry bags bags for everything (or double-up garbage bags)

10 Always wear shoes!


Whenever you head out for longer than a few hours, you’ll need to gear up. Base your

equipment selection on the season, region, water temperature and length of your trip. And remember, weather can change quickly and dramatically, so be prepared! Hypothermia is a real concern!


Clothes (no cotton)

1 Quick-drying nylon pants or shorts (short and long)

2 Polypro short sleeve

3 Lightweight, long-sleeve or synthetic shirt

4 No jeans or sweats

5 Fleece pants (Polartec)

6 A complete set of dry clothes in your dry bag



1 A poncho or other rain gear

2 Wide-brimmed sun hat

3 Fleece gloves, optional

4 Windbreaker



1 Wool or synthetic socks

2 Closed river boots/sneakers


Personal Items

1 Sunscreen

2 Lip balm

3 Insect repellent


Safety on the River

1 No Paddle Splashing

2 Self-Rescue

3 Strainers

4 Stay upstream of your boat

5 Stay with your boat

6 Hold your paddle

7 Foot Entrapment

8 Feet first - Feet Up

9 Wear Your Life Vest

10 Lead & Sweep Boats