National Canoe Safety Patrol


Safety Orientation Card







INTRODUCE: Yourself, Lead, Sweep


WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET - fastened.  It breaks falls, keeps you warm, (or cool if kept wet). It can save your Life on a bad day.  Wear shoes.  Use good judgment; no drugs or alcohol; dress for the weather and water.


WARM UP - with pull & push strokes


PRIVATE PROPERTY -. Out of your boat, you are likely trespassing.


WATCH FOR STRAINERS - (that let water pass but trap you like a sieve.) Stay to the inside of creek bends. Avoid bridge piers, fisherman, downed tree, other boats. (Nothing good ever comes from hitting them.)


HUG WHAT YOU HIT -. If you lean away your boat will flip. Its a rule.




CANOES FILLED WITH WATER - weigh the same as a Honda Civic. Stay up stream. To empty a swamped boat:) (Upside down) Put nose on shore and lift up the other nose


SWIMS - turn on your back, knees bent, feet downstream.  Paddle to shore.  Do not stand or walk in water above your knees.


RIVER SIGNALS -  . Help, Stop, Here, Right Left, OK, Whistles


ANTICIPATED RIVER FEATURES strainers, bends, dams, ledges, weirs, fences, portages, bridge piers, rocks, rapids,


ANOMALIES pins, entrapments, health limitations, separations, blisters.